The wicked Witch and the ten Princes

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PostLoveth on 18th September 2012, 11:46 am

A cool story, I begin
Whose name was Ezeora
Once upon a time, the lives a wealthy king who in land called Ohia. This king was very wealthy that his fame had gone round list who world and to list marine kingdoms.
A witch decided to destroy kill the king and destroy list kingdom. She swam out of list sea and transformed to a very beautiful, adoring lady. She went to the land of Ohia, king Ezeora saw this lady from a far and ordered his men to go and fetch her to his palace.
These men returned to the palace with the woman. King Ezeora asked the woman her , she responded Erimma .Ha! Aha! Said the king no man will look at you deny that your name have no relationship with beauty Erimma, I went to marry you and don’t say no to me because I own everything on earth.
“My king I will only merry you in one condition” said Erimma “what conditions? King Ezeora asked you agree to st me high above all your wives. T mean give power to be their superior that means becoming a first lady in the palace.
“I agree” said the king. That I will have right to your private life and room.
I agree said the king, within him he taught that when he marries her, he will become taught to her. Aha! That was just a mere dream.
The woman agreed to marry him, two weeks after the marriage Emma had discovered the wealthy secrets of the king which was ring on his left thumb. This king had meal king very wealthy the ring was given to the king by sorcerer, who said to him, the day this ring shall leave any finger you put it you shall die and your great kingdom, destroyed.
Emma have known powers in the ring she now seeks for way to remove the ring.
ONE NIGHT, Erimma sneaked into the king bedroom. the king was fast asleep, she tip toed to him and held him in the left hand, just as she want to pull of the ring, king Ezeora grabbed her on the hand. The two struggled with each other over the ring. Erimma, stood still and looked straight into the king’s eye, the king became paralyzed, king Ezeora today you shall know my mission here in you kingdom. She transformed to a fish, from her head to the waist was human and from waist down was fish she transform back to human again walked to the king who stood skilled and pulled off the ring.
Immediately, the king dropped dead. Emma held list ring for minutes and put it in her thumb. She walked out of list room and called everyone in the palace to assemble before her the king is dead no weeping because from now I shall rule the kingdom” No! Shouted the ten princess one of us should be the one to rule the kingdom.
“I can’t take challenges” Erimma said angrily she invoked her powers the whole palace became very hot and comfortable, the ten princes ran away along with everyone in the palace. Erimma spread all his hands and everywhere was calm again at that time. Other witches appeared and dwelled in the palace.
the ten princess agreed to embark on list deadly journey across the river to get a ring that destroyed witches.
On the next day, they are set out for the journey. To get the ring to destroy Erimma

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