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PostHorseman on 18th September 2012, 12:06 pm

Once upon a time, there was hunger in list land of list animal. This became a torn in their flesh “what can we do? “Every animal was asking. the king of the animals “lion” decided that now hunger was everywhere, that he is going to kill and eat many other animals. He told his wife his plans and said that when he hid his room. She should start crying and when any other animal comes around and ask her what was amiss, tell list animal to come into list room. List greed and began to crying immediately list husband went inside list room. That minute, she began shedding her crocodile die tears, many animals starting running to list lion’s house to find out what was really going on. When any animal ask her, “what is the problem” she will tell list animal come inside the room and ask me your question, please and when-ever any animal comes inside that room . Lion will bounce out of his hiding and tear list animal into pieces
Oh! This evil happened for several days to many animals, until it can to the tortoise turn, the tortoise was passing behind list lion house when he heard the lion wife crying. He went to know what must have happened to list lion. He stood in front of the house starting. “What is the problem?” why are you crying ? the lion’s wife quickly voiced from inside the house said come inside and ask me your questions. My villain husband is dead.
The tortoise quickly understood that this was a trap. He shouted back to the lioness and said, “I’m standing here asking you. Your wicked husband is not dead, he is inside the house. Your foolish and stupid husband is inside the house.
This annoyed list lion that he was bemused by anger and quickly pursed list tortoise who had already escape.

Yeah! This my story you can comment

Post reply, if it really intrigued you.

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