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PostLabister on 2nd November 2012, 2:26 pm

There are four major techniques applied in general physical health test and it follows a sequence of priority. They include:
1. Inspection: This is the first and foremost. It is the use of the eye (organ of sight) to check for any abnormality. In inspection, it is expected that the physician check from the head to the toes and adequate light and sufficient exposure of the part to be inspected/ observed is done.
2. Palpation: This is examining the body using the sense of touch. It comprises of deep and light palpation. The pads of the fingers are used because they are highly sensitive to tactile discrimination due to its concentration in nerve endings. It is used to determine texture (hair), temperature, position, size, consistency and mobility of organs/ masses, distention (of bladder i.e. tenderness) and presence of pain upon pressure.
3. Percussion: this is the act of stricking the body surface to elicit sounds that can be heard or vibrations that can be felt. We have direct percussion (stricking the body with the fingers) and indirect percussion (stricking of an object held against the body area to be examined). The sound or vibration made determines the normality or the abnormality of that organ.
4. Auscultation: This is the act of listening to the body sounds created in the lungs, heart, blood vessels and abdominal visceras by the use of stethoscope. It is usually the last technique used during general physical health test.

This general physical health test is done on patients not necessarily with a disease condition but for annual check-ups. It is also based on the person’s past medical history, family history and/or occupational history.

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