Test for Physical Health on Respiratory Function

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Test for Physical Health on Respiratory Function
General Appearance: The patient’s general appearance may give clues of respiratory status. In particular, the Nurse inspects for clubbing of the fingers (which is a sign of lung disease found in patient’s with chronic hypoxic conditions, chronic lung functions, malignancies and note skin colour (e.g. cyanosis, a bluish colouring of the skin that indicates hypoxia.

Upper Respiratory Structures: For a routine examination of the upper airway, only a simple light source such as a penlight is necessary. A more thorough examination requires the use of nasal speculum.

Breathing Pattern and Respiratory Rate: Observing the rate and depth of respiration is a simple but important aspect of physical health testing. A normal adult who is resting comfortably takes 12 to 18 breaths per minute. Except for occasional sighs, respirations are regular in depth and rhythm, this is described as Eupnea. Respiratory rhythms and their deviations from normal are important observations that the Nurse or the Healthcare provider should put into consideration for proper diagnosis.

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