True Love story 1

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PostDecency on 26th December 2012, 4:23 pm

Girl: hey baby,
happy birthday...
Boy: hey babe, and thank you.. (:
Girl: I'll be at your house at
Boy: okay babe,
you promise?
Girl: yeah, I promise.
I love you so much..
no matter what happens.
Boy: I love you too.
I am going to cook for our dinner
Girl: okay baby (:
Exactly 7:30,
girl does not arrive...
1 hour goes by..
8:30 and the girl arrives....
Boy: hey babe..
What took you so long?
Girl: *hugs him*,
sorry, There was a lot of traffic.
Boy: Its okay as long as you are
here (:
I bet you're hungry.
They went went to dinner and ate
and talked...
*boy phone rings*
*Its the girls mom*
Boy: hello
Girls mom: ( crying )
son, I have to tell you something I
am in the hospital right now my
daughter just passed out.
Boy: ha? What are you talking
Girls mom: ( crying )
she was in a car crash a"hour
ago"she did not make it.
Boy:"shocked"lo oks at his girl.
The girl is in the dark holding a
candle saying,"Baby, I did not
break my promise..":(§

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