Steps to overcome heart break in a relationship

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PostVenusg on 28th February 2013, 11:26 am

I have been disappointed by a guy I love so much. I want steps to over this heart break and again deal with that guy. I mean teach that person some serious lesson.
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PostAdmin on 28th February 2013, 11:57 am

Some disappointment or heart break is necessary to separate you from a wrong relationship. Many persons have been misused, abused, refused and abused by people they love so much and as such tend to feel dejected, rejected and abandoned.

From observations, anyone that disappoints you is simply telling you a particular thing which is, “I don’t deserve you or your love”. So, go for someone better. Any person that can take your love for granted does not deserve to be part of your future. Loose them and let them go.
You don’t have to invest the energy and resources you should give to the right person on someone that will take you for granted.

Many have been injured, messed up and traumatized emotionally by people they feel they love. Some are frustrated and even would go to the extent of committing suicide or decide never to love again.

The first and most important step is to recall the whole memories and cry. Even when you don’t want to cry, just try and cry. Just as little children do when they cry, their pains and sorrows flow away with their tears.

Again, forgive yourself for making a wrong choice. There is quite difficult because something you can’t imagine how you got yourself involved to the extent of being dumped like that and stop regretting. Whenever you are disappointed, learn from it and use it as an opportunity to restructure your next relationship.

The next step is to forgive your lover. It is good for you to forgive your love. No matter how you think the person may have wronged you. It is better for you to forgive that person. No one is perfect, that’s what you need to know. Whenever you see that person anywhere maintain a good relationship with that person. But, try as much as possible to make it so brief.

Again, do not regret loving that person in the first instance learn from the mistakes you made on your part. You are not the only person that has been disappointed by someone they so much love and cherish. Restructure yourself, improve on your personality and if possible return any item that may awaken past memories or keep them beyond your reach.

No contact method. This is very necessary. Do not call, send sms or emails to that very person. Avoid any act of contact with that person. This “no contact method” will help you psychologically.
Do not stay alone. Mix up with friends. Avoid loneliness so that you don’t make nasty decisions. Just mix up with the right people. Interact freely and permit positive discussions with friends.

Finally, don’t be so hasty to get into another relationship because you may be too unstable to make the right decision. Allow the whole sorrow and pains to heal naturally before going into another relationship. Then think before you make another choice of getting into another relationship.

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PostWeapon on 28th February 2013, 1:08 pm

Is revenge good for you babe? hmmmmmmmmmmm :dull: Abeg, just let go

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